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HKCplaza Year-End Sale 2014 (Ljh)
HKCplaza 2014-11-18 2 comments 9498 viewed
​​ .. Details
RSVP for Closed Door Sneak Preview & Meet The E-Publishers Sessions
HKCplaza 2014-10-01 0 comments 9596 viewed
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Bridal Beauty Log: Introducing My New Zit Buster Team - The LJH Tea Tree Range!
Honeyz 2014-05-20 0 comments 11220 viewed
Sponsored Review     We all know that Tea Tree Oil is the best answer to achieving 'acne freedom' due to .. Details
Did you know? : Why was LJH TeaTree90 Essence formulated?
HKCplaza 2013-08-30 2 comments 11188 viewed
LJH TeaTree90 Essence was formulated after receiving good feedback from Sensitive Skin users whom have used LJH Doctor's Ca.. Details
Battle of the best CC Creams - LJH Cellabel M.C. Vital CC Cream VS Rachel K CC Cream
Honeyz 2013-08-23 0 comments 13955 viewed
  After my dreadful breakout earlier this year, I've ditched my heavy liquid foundations for mild formula bases like.. Details
Charlenewsy 2013-07-27 0 comments 12100 viewed
LEEJIHAM是韩国首家“医护化妆品”品牌,由韩国皮肤专家研制的医护化妆品,在同行业中最早获得“最新技术企业”的认证,并且被韩国产业技术振兴协会认定为为消费者开发的安全健康化妆品。   Cellabel MC Serie.. Details
BaMboo/竹子 2013-06-25 0 comments 9707 viewed
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[Leejiham] LJH Egg Pack Soap MULTI-FUNCTION
유니콘 2013-06-25 0 comments 10309 viewed
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