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Results For King Of BB CREAMS - Live Voting @ Beauty’TesTeu!


After 2 sessions of voting segments at HKCplaza Beauty'TesTeu!, the KING OF BB CREAMS is revealed ! 

All 35 voters went through a series of live votes without knowing the brands of 5 Korean BB Creams. 

The Skin Shop Premium Secret BB Cream SPF37/PA+++ won the battle against 4 other Korean BB Creams for having the most balanced hydration level, concealing ability and prevention of cakey makeup. 

As seen in the live voting forms here, the various judgements are : 

To Judge For
Oiliness Hydration Level
Dryness Preventing Cakey Makeup
Thickness Concealing Ability


A good Korean BB Cream should score 9 points in total after averaging out all 35 votes, it should not be too oily to avoid smudging makeup yet it must have the ability to provide skin hydration, it should not be too dry as it will cause cakey makeup; it must be able to conceal

The Skin Shop Premium Secret BB Cream SPF37/PA+++ scored 9.0571428571 - the prefect score ! 



BEST COVERAGE AWARD goes to LJH Cellabel M.C. Cell Active Recovery Balm SPF25/PA++ !  

Total score of LJH Cellabel M.C. Cell Active Recovery Balm SPF25/PA++ is 9.6571428571. 

Made of Stem Cell, this skincare "BB Cream" has the ability to provide Anti-Aging protection while is very good in providing Hydration for the skin. 

It's main slogan [ Stop-No!, Return OK! ] means not to stop cell regeneration but to allow skin youth to return. 

For label under LJH, it is formulated by our Skin Aesthetics Doctors to ensure that it is certainly safe for Sensitive Skin users. It explains why it is not a "BB Cream" but a Recovery Balm - it's duty is to recover skin troubles while achieving beauty. 

  • Do not clog pores
  • Achieve Anti-Aging skincare benefits 
  • Achieve good coverage
  • Sun protection


BEST NON-STICKY BB CREAM AWARD : LJH Cellabel M.C. Recovery Balm SPF28/PA++ !  

If you are facing skin problems like acne, pimple and wishes that these do not cause any scars as well, you are 101% safe with LJH Cellabel M.C. Recovery Balm SPF28/PA++. Not only recovering wounds (including acne, pimple), it lightens possible scarings before it turns too serious. 

Again, this is not another "BB Cream", it is the most original form of Blemish Balm - not those commercial products that you can find everywhere in the market. 

A must-have product for almost all Skin Aesthetic Patients in our Clinics. 

  • Do not clog pores
  • Achieve skincare benefits for Sensitive Skin 
  • Oil free, non-sticky 
  • Sun protection

The total score for this winner is 8.2285714286. Just 0.7714285714 away from the perfect 9. Then again if you have Sensitive Skin, perhaps you should not be too bothered about the total score >.< 

Added 2013-07-16 by HKCplaza
Results For King Of BB CREAMS - Live Voting @ Beauty’TesTeu!

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