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Beauty’TesTeu!In Singapore, 13 / 14 July 2013

What is Beauty’TesTeu!?

A segment organized by HKCplaza where we (you, me - the public) on-the-spot try and conclude whether a product is more preferred more than the other of the same type, for example brand A's cleansing foam VS. brand B's cleansing foam!

The word [ Tes ] = English "Test" (trying / experimenting).
The word [ Teu ] = 2 (minimum of 2 brands' products of the same type).
In Korean, "Test" is 테스트, pronounced as tese/u/teu and this is how ’TesTeu!is created!

Other than Beauty’TesTeu!,we will have other segments like Food’TesTeu!where we sample and vote live on the best ready-food, it can be instant noodles, snacks and many more. To even coordinating a look with similar colour but different silhouette of an apparel for Fashion’TesTeu!.

Makeup’TesTeu!? - YES, you have guessed it correctly! Either experimenting 2 makeup looks for a set of styling or voting for a preferred cosmetics.

Stay tuned ^.~

Meanwhile, join in the fun for this session of Beauty’TesTeu!! See you^^


Which is the preferred CC CREAM and BB CREAM choice? Try & Vote! 
CC CREAMS - The Voted Preferred Choice
Do you know that there are 2 main types of CC Creams? - Color Control and magical Color Change! Get a good chance to have a close up, feel the difference between 2 main types and vote for your preferred type!
King Of BB CREAMS - Live Voting Of The Final Showdown
Try 5 different BB Creams, compare e.g. oiliness, coverage, moisture, etc and vote for various key voting elements!
In order for us to prepare your refreshments & gifts, please register via below attached form. Thank you!

Added 2013-06-29 by HKCplaza
Beauty’TesTeu!In Singapore, 13 / 14 July 2013

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