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My Bubble Bottle Mask


June 3, 2016

I love putting face mask and while most people will find it a hassle, because you wouldn’t be able to move around or do some stuffs like munching on junk food while catching up your favourite tv series. But my wifey told me that I can put on mask while I’m showering, body scrubbing or doing hair treatment, and putting on mask for 5-10 minutes is better than not doing anything!


The current masks that I’m using is from HKC Plaza My Bottle collection, they have 6 different type of mask such as Renew, Volume, Coco, Bright, Toc Toc and Soothing. I will recommend you guys to try MY TOC TOC BOTTLE as it’s a wash off mask that forms bubble after you put it on your face, how fun and amazing right? Not my first time using this type of mask but I’m still amazed!



  If you think that the wash off type of mask is too troublesome for you, the rest of the mask are the normal types. Here’s a little info on how I use a mask: After 10-15 minutes is up. I’ll clean my hands and start massaging my face for about 5 minutes or so depending on mood, this is to let my blood circulate and for better absorption. You can give it a try!


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