Bridal Beauty Log: Introducing My New Zit Buster Team - The LJH Tea Tree Range!
Honeyz 2014-05-20 0 comments 11052 viewed
Sponsored Review     We all know that Tea Tree Oil is the best answer to achieving 'acne freedom' due to its unique disinfecting and calming properties. But the sad news is, it's never been very effective for me. All it does is c.. Details
Did you know? : Why was LJH TeaTree90 Essence formulated?
HKCplaza 2013-08-30 2 comments 11080 viewed
LJH TeaTree90 Essence was formulated after receiving good feedback from Sensitive Skin users whom have used LJH Doctor's Care Facial Mask Sheet TeaTree. Many Users have feedback that dramatic result is shown just after 3 days using LJH TeaTree90.. Details