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[LJH Hankook] Foot And Leg Energizer Treatment For Your Aching Legs!

[LJH Hankook] Foot And Leg Energizer Treatment For Your Aching Legs!

LJH Foot And Leg Energizer Treatment is a cold spray (fresh water type mist) for aching and exhausted legs. Available in only 100ml, this latest LJH product aims to provide energy to fatigue feet and legs with its fresh, cooling sensation!

The spray smells like Mint Leaves.

I LIKE. :)

Photo-bombed by Bubble Leong.

Bubby, you don't need to spray your feet, it's for Me!

The spray is made of mainly pumpkin extract, beetroot, phytoncide and sansevieria. Apart from relieving your exhausted legs, it improve uncomfortable door from feet too!

In the office, spray it on your feet to ease your feet odor as you're changing shoes please.

The spray is even more suitable for people like me who's always on-the-go due to my job nature.

I'm someone who will wear my heels out and end up buying and changing into new pumps by mid-day. I. DREADS. WEARING. HEELS. My sole hurts like mad but I've barely walked to the lift lobby from my door step!

It's worse when I'm wearing stockings; can't apply anything to ease that ache. #FML

LJH Foot And Leg Energiser Treatment however, allows me to spray it over the stocking as it is!

For me, I'll spray it on the stocking a few times and gently pat/massage on the sprayed area with my hands.

I also find it useful to use the foot and leg spray after my workout.  The cooling sensation and fragrance of the spray helps to relieve my leg-muscle ache (calf area).

Oh by the way, meet my newly 'hired' Personal Trainer, MinutemanSG

Basically I just 'pay' him with awesome homecooked meals. :p

Colin is a taekwando instructor who has won trophies and medals at tournaments + combat instructor.  You should've seen his shelf of glory. I wonder how this petite guy can do so well in sports, gaming yet still graduate with first-class honours and even won a special award for his studies!


Babyboy, I'm depending on you to get me to slim down and get my ABS. 

*impose pressure. hehehe*


LJH Foot And Leg Energizer Treatment (COLD SPRAY)


Added 2013-07-06 by MintLeong
[LJH Hankook] Foot And Leg Energizer Treatment For Your Aching Legs!
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